Performance Measurement with PerfMon

Getting Perfmon

Perfmon is available directly from the HP website (which is also the best place to find out about the tool).

There are two components: perfmon itself (which is a part of the kernel), and libpfm, the user space access functions to the kernel code.

If you use debian, then packages for libfpm2 are available in Unstable; libpfm3 isn't there yet, but we're expecting it soon.

Using perfmon

There are examples in /usr/share/doc/libpfm/examples after you have installed libpfm-dev.

There are three ways to use perfmon without modifying your code:

Gotchas is a script which makes it very easy to run a particular program and measure many interesting statistics by asking natural language questions. See the ia64-profiling.txt file for more information. It is released under a BSD style license, and there is a mirrored copy attached to this page for redundancy (though check out the link first for the most up to date version).

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